Active Research Grants
San Francisco Bay Area

The Susan G. Komen Research Program is an essential driving force for achieving the mission of ending breast cancer forever. As the global leader in the fight against breast cancer, we strive to identify and support the best science around the world.  However, the scientific focus areas of our grant mechanisms can vary from year to year and are determined in part through discussion with our Scientific Advisory Board.

Komen SF Bay Area is proud to be home to the following active research grants. For more information about the Komen National Research Program, please click here.

University of California, San Francisco
Gabriel Eades, Ph.D.
Tracing mechanisms of cellular heterogeneity and drug resistance in breast cancer

Alan  Ashworth, Ph.D.
Establishing Novel Therapeutic Approaches For Breast Cancer

Rena Pasick, Dr.P.H.
2nd Opinions and the Treatment Gradient Among African Americans with Breast Cancer

Stanford University
Jose Seoane, Ph.D.
Chromatin regulatory subunits as mediators of tumor progression and resistance

George Sledge, M.D.
Measuring Circulating Tumor Cells in vivo for Breast Cancer Metastasis Detection